Youtube: Patricks World

Youtuber Transforms 10 Sausages into a Working Piano

Is mayonnaise an instrument? No, but it seems like traditional German sausages are! German Youtuber Patrick of Patrick's World decided that the best way to use bockwurst sausages was to hook them up to his computer and essentially turn his lunch into a sausage piano. Dubbed the "Bockwurstklavier," the bunch of sausages turned into a new instrument are a feat of German engineering. Take a listen for yourself and imagine watching a concert of this sausage piano come to life.

The bockwurst piano has the ability to create beautiful classical music (hello, Flight of the Bumblebee) however Patrick demonstrates how the piano keys work with a few short notes. I would have loved to hear a song played, but nevertheless it is pretty impressive.

Unlike bratwurst which is mostly made of pork and beef, bockwurst is a German sausage made mostly of veal and pork. The sausage is normally seasoned with salt, white pepper, and paprika and served with bock beer.

Do you know who would have loved having this piano? Tom Green from Freddy Got Fingered. In a hilarious scene, Gord is seen playing piano with sausages tied to his fingers and hanging from the ceiling. His father walks in and Gord sings out, "Daddy would you like some sausage?" while banging his fingers on the keys.

According to Classic Fm, the sound equipment looks like it was produced by stuffing what seems to be crocodile clips in the ground veal and beef sausages. The sausages are then hooked up to a PC and a piece of equipment that must be touched at the same time to make the piano sound. Some are saying the whole thing is fake, but it looks pretty real to me. It's not the wurst idea someone could come up with, that's for sure.

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