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Jimmy Dean Sausage Candy Canes Exist and Here's How to Get One

Weird and wacky candy flavors are always popular when it comes to the holiday season. Here at Wide Open Eats we've seen our fill of kooky flavors ranging from Kale Candy Canes to Dr Pepper cotton candy. But this...this is just too far. Jimmy Dean, the sausage company known for their breakfast sausage, is inviting home cooks across the country to share their favorite sausage recipes and in return, the company will send you a sausage-themed gift. Last year heads turned when they gave out sausage-scented wrapping paper but that's nothing compared to this year. Get ready, because sausage candy canes are a real thing.

Jimmy Dean To Give Out Sausage Candy Canes in Holiday Recipe Gift Exchange

Want to try one of these candy canes out for yourself? Simply log on to jimmydeangiftexchange.com and upload a photo of your sausage recipe. Once submitted you may choose your prize, and by the looks of it, the sausage gifts are pretty amazing. Take a look for yourself:

1. Sausage-Flavored Candy Canes

Jimmy Dean

These aren't your normal peppermint candies! Maple syrup and sausage flavor this oddly sweet and confusing candy.

2. Cowboy Slipper Boots

Jimmy Dean

It's a boot, it's a slipper, it's a cowboy slipper boot! It's the hottest new Western trend.

3. Sizzlin' Knit Socks

Jimmy Dean

Inspired by the classic Jimmy Dean sausage roll, these socks will keep your piggies warm and cuddly all winter.

4. Sweet 'N Savory Lip Balm

Jimmy Dean

Ever wanted to try Sweet Maple and Savory Sausage flavored lip balms? Now's your chance.

5. Glass Sausage Ornament

Jimmy Dean

Decorate your tree with your favorite sausage roll.

6. Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper

Jimmy Dean

Back again from last year, all your holiday gifts will be smelling like breakfast. Just make sure to keep this paper away from the family dog.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sausage gift before it's too late.

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