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Video Premiere: Sarah Jane Nelson Shows Her Inner Strength on 'I'm Not Broken'

Sarah Jane Nelson knows a thing or two about starting over. Raised in southern Arkansas and northeast Louisiana, she left home at the age of 17 to pursue an acting career in New York. After a successful run of Broadway shows and touring the U.S. and Europe, Nelson moved to Nashville, where she's spent the past few years gaining appreciation from peers and listeners with shows at Music City mainstays like the Bluebird Cafe.

Nelson's latest single "I'm Not Broken" was inspired by starting over after her divorce and finding healing through songwriting.

"Writing this record was truly a therapeutic practice for me. I went through some tough times for a number of years before I finally left my marriage, but once it was over, I still had so much work to do to heal," Nelson tells Wide Open Country. "As I navigated the challenges of single mom life, songwriting was a Godsend. The incredible community here in Nashville was a safe place for me to work through the struggles and feel supported. When I wrote 'I'm Not Broken' with Kenny Foster we set out to create a song that was not just about me but about something bigger than me."

Nelson says "I'm Not Broken" resonates with audiences at the Bluebird.

"Some would share their own personal stories of struggling to overcome wounds from the past and move forward," Nelson says. "Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we're not broken, we're not done, and we're not alone. My dream is to have this song heard by every person who needs to hear it."

The video allowed Nelson to draw on her experience as an actor and dancer.

"This video was a tricky one to create because I knew the only way to do the song justice was to really go there and be raw and honest in my performance," Nelson says. "I spent many years as a professional actor on Broadway and touring the U.S. and Europe so it was a fun chance to use my acting and film experience to tell this story. Jeremy Burchard did a great job with the cinematography and editing, and we shot it in Nashville at an old electrical transfer station. The light was streaming in and it was magical. I was nervous to dance in the video but I went for it. I used to be a professional dancer but it's been years since I did that sort of thing. I originally hired an amazing dancer but then decided that the best way to be real and tell the story honestly, was to do it myself. I'm thrilled how it turned out and I hope the video will connect with and inspire viewers."

Watch the video for "I'm Not Broken" below.

For more information on Sarah Jane Nelson, visit her official website.

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