Song Premiere: Sara Rachele's Enchanting 'Dream, Dream Love'

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Sara Rachele's forthcoming album Scorpio Moon (out on May 31 on Angrygal Records) is a striking collection of country, folk and dreamy '60s pop-inspired songs. The ethereal "Dream, Dream Love," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is a song about enduring love that transcends time and distance.

Rachele says the song was inspired by being away from loved ones and the connection two people can share even when miles apart.

"We have to leave the ones we love sometimes, and in this career, I've found myself having to do this more often than I'd really like to admit. 'Dream, Dream Love' is a song that is about the times when you are away from the one you love, whether physically or emotionally. I like to think that true love never pauses, and never ceases. In the moments when I'd be physically far away from the one I love, I write a lot of my work -- sometimes, really really far away from my favorite people. I often need perspective and a peaceful solitude to create, and this song is a good example of that," Rachele tells Wide Open Country. "I wrote this little dedication to someone who was actually traveling away from my home at the time, when I was the one who was being left. I sent this song out in the night, and to me it is about the loneliness and connection that marks a lot of my professional life."

Rachele says life as a traveling musician often means leaving someone behind, and the song captures feelings of both loneliness and intimacy.

"As someone who travels for a living, aligned with the folk musician/troubadour trope, I'm constantly seeing taxi drivers more than my own family, seeing the woman at the post office and the hotel clerk asking if I should cut my hair. The barman at the local cafe reads my writing, often before anyone else," Rachele says. "This song is about being far away, but it reflects some closeness too, I hope. Even when I'm back in the U.S., whether it's Atlanta or New York, I miss the characters from my homes abroad just as much. And when I'm gone from there, I keep them in my dreams too."

Listen to "Dream, Dream Love" below.

Scorpio Moon was recorded live to tape in Brooklyn, N.Y. and was co-produced by Sara Rachele and Spencer Garn and mixed by Kristofer Sampson.

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Song Premiere: Sara Rachele's Enchanting 'Dream, Dream Love'