Sara Evans Wants Gender Equality on Country Radio

Sara Evans isn't being shy about her opinion on where females fit into the country music landscape.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country, Evans shared her thoughts on the issues with gender equality that were highlighted by the recent controversial comments from country radio consultant Keith Hill.

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"What would we do if Hollywood said they were only putting out movies with all men?" she asks. "Or only movies with car racing? I don't know which came first, the fans wanting this or the fans only getting this. Either way, it needs to go back to more females and broader song topics."

Evans says she's glad that the issue has become an open topic of conversation within the industry. "Now that all of this is being discussed, I think it's very positive," she says. "I don't think Patsy Cline would be ok with that. I don't think Loretta Lynn would be ok with that. I grew up on a farm; I grew up in country music. For me to now feel like they're not allowing me to be a part of this genre? What do you do?"

If you're Sara Evans, you keep working. The singer says she will begin work on a new album later this year that will likely have more of a mature and female-oriented narrative than most current mainstream country releases. She will be on the road throughout the summer and the rest of 2015. A full list of Evans' tour dates is available at her official website.

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Sara Evans Wants Gender Equality on Country Radio