Sara Evans ‘Is Disgusted’ By Popular TV Show, Goes on Social Media Rant

The country singer and mom of three, publicly hates on Fox’s post-apocalyptic sitcom, “The Last Man on Earth.”

Sara Evans recently took to Facebook to rant about the show after she watched it with her teenage children. Saturday Night Live alum, Will Forte, co-created the series and the stars as protagonist Phil Miller. Miller is one of the last humans left on earth after a deadly virus kills off most of the earth’s population.

“So. I sat down last night with our teenage children to watch The Last Man on Earth. Thinking it could be a funny new show that we could start, right?” wrote Evans. “I was thoroughly disgusted at how disgusting it was/is.”

Forte is the main writer on the show, which premiered in February and has received generally positive reviews from critics. Some critics called it extremely funny, while others said the show’s appeal disappeared after the pilot episode. Evans took the negative criticism even further.

“It just shows me that the writers really aren’t funny or intelligent,” she said. “Because it takes more whit [sic] to write comedy without stupid and gross sexual references. They aren’t even references, they are just stupid lines that aren’t even funny.”

Evans’s post generated thousands of comments from fans who agreed, and also disagreed, with her. Some commenters applauded Evans, saying television networks have the responsibility to protect underage viewers from what they deem unacceptable content. Others said the responsibility rests with the parents, not the networks.

What do you think?

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Sara Evans ‘Is Disgusted’ By Popular TV Show, Goes on Social Media Rant