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Sara Evans' Daughter Olivia Evans Releasing Debut EP, But is it Country?


Sara Evans' daughter Olivia has decided to follow in her mother's footsteps. After years of growing up watching her famous country singer mom release hits in Nashville, she's released her own music for the first time. Ready for her big solo debut in the music industry, our first question was, is she pursuing country music like Sara? She's not, but that doesn't mean she wasn't heavily influenced by watching the country artist growing up.

Olivia is one of Sara's three children she shares with her ex-husband Craig Schelske along with her other daughter Audrey and son Avery. Though following up in her mom's footsteps is a big deal, Olivia is ready for it. Longtime fans of Sara Evans not only know her from her bestselling album Born to Fly or for winning ACM and CMA Awards, but for being incredibly passionate about her family. She's built a happy blended family with her second husband Jay Barker and is known for collaborating with her musically skilled children.

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"I've been waiting my whole life for this moment," Olivia told PEOPLE.


"You can ask my family, ever since I was 11 years old, I would ask, 'Can I make music yet?' I know I needed to grow up and learn a lot of things and all of that. But now, it feels amazing to finally be at this place. It's also really nerve-wracking because people know me, you know, through my mom."

"People know that I can sing, but I think it's different when it's your first time and you are actually showing people that I'm a writer, I'm a performer, I'm a completely independent person," she added.

While Olivia's new album Of Course I Do really shows off her skills as a songwriter, she already proved she was a skilled vocalist when she sang alongside her country star mom and brother Avery on The Barker Family Band EP in 2019.


Olivia explained that going through a high school breakup is actually what inspired her five-song EP.


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"I went through a terrible breakup. And it sounds bad, but honestly, a lot of the motivation to write this record was about payback. I was like, 'Okay fine, you're going to cheat on me and break up with me and then I'll get famous," Olivia admitted laughing.

"That's exactly what my mentality was. I'm not one to try and take revenge, but I like to pull a Taylor Swift every now and then."


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