This Texas Hotel is Hosting a Paranormal Festival

For all you fans of the ghost stories that haunt our old history in the great state of Texas, then get excited for what's coming your way this fall. There's a paranormal festival in San Antonio on September 14th at the historic Victoria's Black Swan Inn. This inn happens to be the most haunted old structure in San Antonio making it to perfect spot for San Antonio Paranormal Fest, hosted by Curious Twins Paranormal.

What is the Black Swan Inn?

Built in 1867, the hotel sits on the historic site of the 1842 Battle of Salado. But the land dates all the way back to 5000 B.C. which means there are probably a lot of spirits in the area. It's also the site of a Civil War battle, a gruesome suicide, and who knows what else. Various artifacts have been unearthed over the years underneath the property.

San Antonio Paranormal Fest

The event will take place from 5 to 11 p.m. According to the website there will be ghost tours of the historic building, artisan vendors, oddities, onsite phychics and mediums, a display of ghost photography, spooky snacks, creepy San Antonio lore, ghost hunter booths, paranormal lectures, live entertainment, food trucks, and a bar. If that wasn't enough, there will also be a historic burial/cemetery exhibition. 

This event will really make you feel like you're part of a paranormal investigation team. Real ghost hunting crews will be onsite with state of the art equipment will ensure that the live guides will catch any ghost activity. Apprarently people in the past have actually witnessed apparitions at this location, which is why ghost tours of Victoria's Black Swan Inn happen regularly. 

This event is different from the Nightmares of San Antonio Paranormal Fest, which is also hosted by Curious Twins Paranormal & Ghost Tours and has a haunted toy exhibit -- most certainly the stuff of nightmares.

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This Texas Hotel is Hosting a Paranormal Festival