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San Antonio Home's Jaw-Dropping Christmas Lights Show Goes Viral

Screengrab via YouTube/Matt Johnson

This Christmas lights show is a feast for the senses.

Matt and Melissa Johnson, of San Antonio, Texas, created this 10-minute Christmas lights show, in part, to raise money for Living Water International, a faith-based organization that provides clean water to impoverished areas in Kenya.

Their light show uses pixel lights set to a mashup of dubstep music. Unfamiliar with dubstep? It's a style of music that sounds like two robots getting aggressively busy with each other. Sound weird? It is, but the kids say it's all the rage.

See the lights show in action in the video below. As far as Christmas lights show go, this one is very impressive.

If you're wondering where to find this show, visit 14711 Burtons Oak, San Antonio, TX 78254. Be sure to tTune your radio to 94.7 for the music.

The Johnson's goal is to raise $10,000 for the organization this holiday season. If you'd like to donate, go here.

You might have seen this light show featured in the ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight. 

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San Antonio Home's Jaw-Dropping Christmas Lights Show Goes Viral