Sammy Kershaw Is Ready For His Big Country Comeback

With a brand new album and a positive attitude, Sammy Kershaw is prepared to make a new mark on country music.

In a new interview with Billboard, Kershaw says it’s a great time for previously established artists to reemerge onto the scene.

“It’s starting to pay off once again for a lot of us artists in the ’90s,” Kershaw says. “I’ve been seeing that coming for about three artists. I worked at radio for a while in the early ’80s, and I figured out the trend. About three years, I sensed things beginning to change, and it’s starting to come true.”

His new album, I Won’t Back Down, is a culmination of life experiences over the past few years. “I guess I’ve gotten five years older and been through more stuff,” he related. “I’ve got a book coming out this fall, and the world will find out what’s been going on. I’m hoping some of these songs — as well as the book — help other people.”

The title of his album is indeed a nod to the Tom Petty classic, which Kershaw covers on the album. Although the choice might be a surprising one to his fans, he says the cover was a natural choice. He uses the song’s message of strength as a personal motto that has helped him get to this new point in his life and career.

“It fits me. I won’t back down. That’s why I named the album that. You’ve got to prove me wrong. I’ll leave you that door open to prove I’m wrong. If you can’t do it, I won’t back down from what I believe.”

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Sammy Kershaw Is Ready For His Big Country Comeback