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Song Premiere: Sammy Kay Calls For Empathy and Understanding on 'Try To Find'

New Jersey-based Americana artist Sammy Kay makes a call for empathy on the sparse, dreamy "Try To Find," the debut single from his forthcoming album civil/War (out on October 4).

Kay says the song was inspired by his experiences after he temporarily gave up touring and began working with a friend with special needs.

"Man, the story of this one. This song. It's a tough one. A few years back I gave up on touring because I believed it was an issue for my mental health. I wasn't going to lose control of my sobriety and my mind over a guitar," Kay tells Wide Open Country. "In the time I spent trying to get a better sense of myself, I started working for a family with a 20 year-old man with special needs. My dude and I went everywhere together. During our adventures, I began to notice people around town looking at us, and they would either embrace us or...make comments. Man, I'm missing my front tooth — my neck and hands are tattooed and I need a shave. I get it — it's an odd combo. That's where this song came from; it's about empathy. In fact, almost all of this record came from watching people react to us in public. When we recorded the album, Pete and I knew this one needed to be minimal, and the sounds needed to paint the picture; this one showing hope and empathy to match the song.  Alex Brumel sent us a part on pedal steel, and we thought we had it, until Rocky Cantanese (of Mercy Union) showed up and sang the chorus with me. It was there. The feel. The song."


Upcoming Tour Dates:

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October 13 - Leeds - Slocken
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