Sam Outlaw
Screengrab via YouTube

See Sam Outlaw Confront Temptation in New Video for 'Trouble'

Evil can come in many forms. But in Sam Outlaw's new video for "Trouble," it's represented by a scheming vixen. While making her way through a western landscape filled with bars, old hotels and handsome fellas, she stirs up as much chaos as she can. Naturally, she eventually makes her way to a packed-out Sam Outlaw gig and catches his eye. But does he take the bait?

Watch what happens in the video below.

"Trouble" is a track featured on Outlaw's sophomore release, Tenderheart. It follows up his breakthrough debut record Angeleno, which has been celebrated for it's So-Cal country sound. His latest project features a vibe that mixes elements of soft rock, modern day Ryan Adams and old school singer-songwriters like Dylan. That's a distinct mix of sounds and influences, but it comes together to create something most country and pop fans should find irresistible.

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Tenderheart is available in stores and online now. You can find a full list of upcoming tour dates across the U.S. and U.K for 2017 via Sam Outlaw's official website.

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