Sam Outlaw Chases Ghosts Through LA in Gloomy New Video [WATCH]


So-Cal country crooner Sam Outlaw wanders through the outskirts of Los Angeles in his new video for “Ghost Town”.

Outlaw is seen roaming across the less glamorous parts of his city without a clear destination. It’s obvious there’s a woman on his mind, as shots of a mysterious figure pop up like visions in his own head. There’s a certain gloom that’s engrained in both the video and the song, which Outlaw penned after the sudden death of his mother. Although the track was developed from a very specific circumstance, there’s a message of loneliness and longing that which to many listeners can connect.

“There’s nothing funny about that at all,” he told Country Weekly of his personal tragedy, “but in all of these things, you look for God’s grace to get through them and hopefully get to the point where you see that pain is a part of life.”

The cut is the latest single from his debut album, Angelenoreleased earlier this year. Outlaw is currently out on the road promoting his new album with concerts set across the country through August. You can see a full list of tour dates at Outlaw’s official website.

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Sam Outlaw Chases Ghosts Through LA in Gloomy New Video [WATCH]