Sam Hunt's 'House Party' Is Fun For All Ages [LISTEN]

Sam Hunt's new single, "House Party", is a squeaky clean dance track that appeals to all ages.

Sam Hunt has released a new single from his best-selling debut album, Montevallo. "House Party" is his third single and follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful tracks "Leave the Night On," and "Take Your Time."

"House Party" is an incredibly catchy tune about a guy who throws a two-person "soiree" for his lady who just doesn't want a big night out on the town. With a universally appealing lyrical story and a driving beat that makes you want to have a solo dance party of your own, "House Party" is destined to be another hit for the Georgia native. Although Hunt had a lot of great songs to choose from on his debut album, his reasoning for releasing "House Party" was due in part to his younger fans.

"The reason I wanted to put it out is, my friends who have little brothers or sisters, or kids of their own -- that's the one song that ages four to 12 like the best," Hunt told Rolling Stone Country. "I like having that unbiased approval of a young child."

I highly doubt Hunt and his "House Party" will have any problem getting approval from fans, no matter what their age is.
Montevallo is available in stores and online now.

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Sam Hunt's 'House Party' Is Fun For All Ages [LISTEN]