Sam Hunt: 'I'm Going to Put Music Out When I Feel Like It's Ready'

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Sam Hunt didn't play by the rules when he released Montevallo in 2014 and he's not about to start now. Hunt recently explained his timetable for a follow-up to his smash debut in Billboard.

"There's this sort of model that exists in Nashville that we think we have to abide by," Hunt says. "You put out a record and in two years you have to put out another one and have three or four singles. There are all these rules that I've just sort of thrown out the window."

Hunt made history as the first male to have 4 No. 1 singles on his debut album. Which is amazing. But it also loads up the pressure to meet those expectations the next time around. Hunt's answer? Take his time and relax, pun intended. "That's what I'm working on now and I have actually prioritized that over the next record," Hunt says.

It's a necessary prescription after his whirlwind success. But instead of letting the industry get ahold of him and dictate his path, he's doubling down on himself.

"I want to be even more vulnerable and more honest than I was on the first record even," he says. "And that is obviously going to require me to write the songs if I'm going to tap into my own life and really, if I want that record to reflect real experiences in my life, then I'm going to have to write the songs."

Believe it or not, that's not a common sentiment among superstars. And while Hunt doesn't fall in line with traditional country sounds, he makes some darn good pop country music. His determination on staying himself through the whole process is refreshing.

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Sam Hunt: 'I'm Going to Put Music Out When I Feel Like It's Ready'