Ridiculous Brawl Erupts in Parking Lot Following Sam Hunt Concert

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A group of fans stuck in a traffic jam outside a Sam Hunt concert let out their frustrations on each other in a big way.

Encountering a lot of heavy traffic after a large concert like this one isn't unusual. But life just got a little too overwhelming for these concert-goers. They decided a traffic jam was an acceptable reason to start throwing punches (it isn't). From the video, it's unclear what words were exchanged before the fight erupts. Regardless, it was enough to spur on a brawl.

Security guards did step in to attempt to break up the fight. Both sides threaten to call the police (instead of just, I don't know, not fighting), but that never actually happens. Eventually, the fight is broken up and all involved get back in their cars to wait the traffic out.

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It's a good thing that everyone else stayed out of the fight. There's nothing that brings down the glow of a great show like unnecessary punching. Luckily, all the other concert-goers had a fantastic time and could handle leaving the concert like polite, respectable people.

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Ridiculous Brawl Erupts in Parking Lot Following Sam Hunt Concert