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Salmonella Outbreak Continues to Spread Following Cucumber Recall

A new report reveals that salmonella-contaminated cucumbers are continuing to sicken hundreds of Americans.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 50 more salmonella-related illnesses and two deaths have been reported across sixteen states since November. This brings the total number of confirmed illnesses to 888 people in 39 states.

Although the number of salmonella-related illnesses has declined overall since the outbreak's peak in late 2015, the organization admits "it has not returned to the number of reported illnesses that we would expect to see (about one every month during this time of year)."

In September, Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce issued a recall of all cucumbers sold in stores between Aug. 1 and Sept. 3.

Health officials are asking those who may have purchased the affected produce to sanitize their refrigerators or containers where the cucumbers may have been sitting, in order to eliminate any risk of lurking bacteria. They also recommend sanitizing any reusable grocery bags that may have been used to carry the produce.

It takes several weeks to confirm cases of salmonella poisoning, which means that additional cases may still be undiagnosed. Health officials are concerned that more reported illnesses may mean that other produce could have been cross-contaminated during distribution.

An investigation into the exact source of the contamination is ongoing.

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Salmonella Outbreak Continues to Spread Following Cucumber Recall