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Song Premiere: Rylan Brooks' 'Abilene' is an Anthem for the Road Weary


Country band Rylan Brooks (made up of singer-songwriters Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks) recount a long ride across the U.S. on "Abilene," the latest release from their forthcoming album If Wishes Were Horses (out March 12). In the spirit of Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road" and Jerry Reed's "Eastbound and Down," the song is a tip of the hat to anyone who makes their living on the road -- from touring musicians to long haul truckers.

"Abilene" is about our deteriorating state of mind on a four-day haul we had from New York City to Eagle Pass, Texas, right on the edge of the Rio Grande, and back again," Chris Brooks tells Wide Open Country.

Nate Rylan says the song is about how the notion of home can give you that extra push to make it through a grueling journey.

"When you do a haul that's sixteen hours per day for four days straight, it tests your limits, but there's a kind of clarity you can get from exhaustion that you can't get any other way," Nate Rylan says. "You need to focus on something like home or you'll lose yourself in that haul. It'll rub you rawer than a ribeye."


Listen to "Abilene" below.

Rylan Brooks recorded If Wishes Were Horses at Omnisound Studios in Nashville.

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