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Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Narrates Non-Super Bowl Ad for Blake Lively's Ginger Beer


When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make advertisements for their various brands and products, if often becomes a family affair. That statement is true when it comes to the latest ad for Lively's new Betty Buzz Ginger Beer. The actress shared an ad for the drink that apparently aired during the Puppy Bowl, and it featured a familiar voice: that of her actor husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Lively shared the commercial on social media, joking that they "couldn't afford" to air it on the Super Bowl or have a "celebrity endorsement." Therefore, she was forced to choose a family member to narrate the "nepo commercial."

The ad falls in line with Lively and Reynolds' well-documented sense of humor. The commercial features a vintage vibe, as it shows someone picking up a bottle of the Betty Buzz Ginger Beer out of a cooler with music in the background. The rest of the commercial unfolds while Reynolds hilariously narrates.

"Bold flavor. The clean, fresh ginger taste with just the right balance of spice," Reynolds says, before repeating the word "spice" in a whisper.


"Sip it, down it, or enjoy it all on its own," he continues, touting the drink's "Perfectly sized bubbles" in a whisper.

"Pair it with rum, pair it with tequila, pair it with whiskey, pair with anything, especially your mouth," he says at the end of the clip.

Multiple scenes are shown throughout the commercial, including clips of the bottle in front of various backgrounds, such as horses running in a field. Lively is also shown opening a bottle of the ginger beer and downing it while wearing a loose-fitting plaid shirt.

On Betty Buzz's official Instagram page, the brand wrote that it is "also in the market for a Clydesdale," referencing Budweiser's famous commercials featuring Clydesdale horses. The new Ginger Beer is part of Lively's line of non-alcoholic mixers.


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