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Ruthie Collins Goes West in 'Bad Woman' Video [Premiere]

Singer-songwriter Ruthie Collins contemplates morality and temptation on "Bad Woman," the latest release from her forthcoming sophomore album Cold Comfort (out April 3 via Sidewalk/ Curb Records).

Collins recorded Cold Comfort in secret, taking a leap to make an album that captured the last five years of her life.

"Making this album felt like a sink or swim moment for me," Collins said in a press release. "I felt like I needed to just go for it, to just trust my instincts and make the record I'd always wanted to make."

Recording the majority of the album in just two days, Collins was inspired by Americana legends Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin.

Collins shot the video in an old saloon near Joshua Tree National Park.

"Shooting the video for Bad Woman was a wild ride because it really let me dive deep into the questions that are behind the song: 'What If I wasn't good all the time, what if I didn't always do the right thing, what's expected of me?' To have the chance to put that literal hat on, just for a minute," Collins tells Wide Open Country. "But still of course, having the juxtaposition of the angel side there as well, to bring you back to your morals and true self. It was so fun to play both those parts! We shot the video at The Joshua Tree Saloon and had a blast bringing this song to life!"

Watch the video for "Bad Woman" below.

Collins, a Fredonia, New York-native, is a member of the CMT Next Women of Country class of 2015.

Cold Comfort is available for pre-order.

For more information on Ruthie Collins, visit her official website.

'Cold Comfort' Track List:

1. "Joshua Tree"
2. "Cheater"
3. "Dang Dallas"
4. "Hey Little Girl"
5. "Untold"
6. "Bad Woman"
7. "Change"
8. "Cold Comfort"
9. "Wish You Were Here"
10. "You Can't Remember"
11. Beg Steal Borrow"

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