rustic barn
Photo via Carney Logan Burke Architects

This Rustic Country Barn Was Converted into an Incredible Dream Home

Barns are taking center stage in the architectural world these days. And that means that these often utilitarian buildings are now becoming some of the most promising homesteads on the market.  "The Barn," situated in the Teton Range mountains in Wyoming, is an especially incredible example of just that.

This architectural revamp combines modernity with a rustic charm you rarely see in one space. Carney Logan Burke Architects designed the structure with reclaimed barn wood and cedar shake shingles to create a refined rustic space that still blends into the surrounding beauty of Wyoming.

The top floor (or the hay loft, depending on how you look at it) boasts large windows. Not everyone gets a view of the Grand Tetons while they work out, let alone on such gorgeous wood floors and underneath exposed wood ceilings.

Modern beams and trusses hold the structure together without adding extra bulk to the bedroom area. Lots of natural light keeps the space feeling open and welcoming.

The home almost feels like a city loft with modern lighting and large, open spaces for cooking and reading.


The ground floor also includes a garage so the owners can store their vintage vehicles. They even have a classic Volkswagen van, which somehow fits into the space like it was meant to be there.


These architects also designed the Jackson Hole Airport and the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve, so this isn't just any old barn. However, the company began over two decades ago in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which means they have a healthy respect for the natural majesty of the state. That mindset explains a lot about why this chic space nestles so nicely into the wilderness of Wyoming.

Their website states, "Our design approach integrates well with the landscape and cultural context of southwestern Montana." After seeing The Barn, it's hard to argue that point.

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