Blue Tacoma
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch Russell Dickerson Hit the Beach in New Video for 'Blue Tacoma'

If you don't have a summer beach vacation already planned, Russell Dickerson's new music video for his single "Blue Tacoma" will have you booking one immediately.

"Blue Tacoma" is Dickerson's second single off of his 2017 record, Yours. The song celebrates his love for his wife of five years, Kailey Dickerson, who both stars in the video and co-directed alongside her brother, Toben Seymour.

"I love working with my wife because she understands me more than anyone else," Russell Dickerson told People.  "She has impeccable vision and direction for everything we do," he said, mentioning that she also shot his video for "Yours" and his album covers.

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"Working together is my favorite part of our story. I decided to go full-time filming Russ on the road because I'd rather be with him than anyone else," Kailey added. "Because we're best friends and believe in each other more than anyone else, we feel unstoppable."

In order to match the joy of the song for the new video for "Blue Tacoma," Russell and Kailey are seen driving to a California beach in a blue Toyota Tacoma to spend the day taking in the gorgeous scenery and enjoying each other. They used a home-video style along with bird's-eye view shots to give the video relatability while paying homage to the stunning coastline.

Dickerson will open up for Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker on their Summer Plays On Tour starting in July this year.

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