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In Rural America, High Schoolers Have 'Drive Your Tractor to School Day'

Living in small-town America definitely has a unique set of benefits. One of the benefits of living in the small town of La Vernia, Texas is being able to drive your tractor to school.

During the last week of school, many of La Vernia's soon-to-be graduates are not only allowed, but also encouraged to drive their farm equipment to campus.

The tradition has grown over the past few years to include heavy equipment, tractors and mowers. Tractors with loading buckets and hay/pallet forks were driven through town and proudly parked in front of their school. There were nearly 10 pieces of equipment parked in the usual vehicle parking spaces on the school grounds this year.

The small town of La Vernia is proud of its country heritage. If you don't believe it, just ask someone from the growing suburb. With just a little more than 1,000 residents during the 2010 census, La Vernia sits just south of San Antonio on Hwy 87. But, a quickly growing economy and convenience to a big city doesn't stop these country kids from showcasing their country roots.

This tradition shows just how extraordinary living in the country can be. After all, where else can you experience this type of tradition? It just doesn't get any more country than this!

The original post was published on June 9, 2015. In the years since, we've seen so many 'Drive Your Tractor School Day' posts from around the web. Below is a collection of the photos and stories we rounded up. 

In Henry County, Kentucky, it's a regular event.

The Annual Henry County High School 'Drive Your Tractor to School Day' parade is part of agricultural education week here.

In Texas during National FFA week, it's encouraged to drive your tractor to school.

Even in Colorado, the high schools round up the tractors and hit the road!

Does your town celebrate agricultural education by hosting a 'Drive Your Tractor to School' day? Let us know on our Facebook page, and we'll reach out to learn more about where you come from!

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