This Rumchata Creamer Gives Every Cup of Coffee a Kick

That's one way to shake up your morning. If you're a fan of horchata, you might enjoy rumchata creamer — a liqueur made from "rice, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, sweet dairy cream, and Caribbean rum," according to Liquor Barn. Yes, it does have alcohol in it.

What is Rumchata Creamer Exactly?

For starters, RumChata is a cream liqueur and brand all its own. It's a blend of rum, cream, vanilla, and cinnamon, according to its website, and is available in flavors like peppermint bark and limón.

Rumchata creamer is a different product made with RumChata. According to the producer's notes for RumChata Horchata Cream Mini Chatas on Fine Wine and Good Spirits, the rum in it is five times distilled Caribbean rum, and the cream is real dairy cream from Wisconsin. The RumChata minis also includes a "secret" blend of spices.

What Can You Put Rumchata Creamer In?

As far as alcoholic beverages go, this creamer is pretty versatile. It might be a little weird to throw it in a rum and coke or cranberry vodka or a tequila shot, but you do have other options.

For instance, this creamer is obviously made to be put in coffee drinks. Whether hot or cold, if you like coffee creamer in your coffee and want to add a little kick, RumChata is a good choice.

Hot chocolate is another good option for RumChata, particularly if you already like spicing up your hot cocoa with other fun ingredients. Or, you might want to try it by itself over ice or in another one of your favorite recipes that calls for a cream liqueur.

Where Can I Buy Rumchata Creamer?

If you want to try out this delicious creamer for yourself, you should be able to find it at some local liquor stores or places like Target. It's also available online if you can't find it near you. It's a little too late to add it to your Christmas wishlist, but you can sneak it onto the list for the next grocery run, right?

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