Roy Orbison's Life and Music to Be Featured in Upcoming Biopic

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The life of influential musician Roy Orbison will soon be retold on the silver screen.

The Big O: Roy Orbison will be produced by Marty Katz. Roy's sons, Alex Orbison and Roy Orbison Jr., will join Chuck Fleckenstein, Ron Moore and Wesley Orbison as executive producers. Ray Gideon and Bruce Evans have been tapped to write the script.

"My dad's story is a fantastic journey," said Alex Orbison. "He was so inspiring as a person because, after everything he had been through, good and bad, he still had a positive outlook on life, and was kind and wonderful. The movie will mirror a Roy Orbison song: having triumph and tragedy, sometimes losing the girl and sometimes getting the girl, and ending on a high note. Our father's life story has an undeniably cinematic quality to it. We feel that the telling of it is in extraordinarily capable hands with Bruce and Ray and the overall team that will bring The Big O Finally to the screen."

Fans can expect to see The Big O: Roy Orbison in theaters sometime in 2018. Until then, you can pick up Roy Orbison: The Ultimate Collection on Oct. 28. The record, curated by Orbison's sons, features 26 tracks from throughout the influential musician's career.

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Roy Orbison's Life and Music to Be Featured in Upcoming Biopic