Roy Acuff
Goodwill/Public Domain

Roy Acuff's Custom Fiddle Was Donated to a Thrift Store, and Now It Can Be Yours

Most of us hope to find a great bargain during a trip to the thrift store, but no one expects to find a discarded piece of country music history.

According to the Kansas City Star, a Goodwill location in North Oak, Mo. received an anonymous donation that is truly out of the ordinary. The mysterious item was a handmade fiddle that was made for country legend Roy Acuff by his uncle, Evart Acuff. A sticker inside the instrument states that it was made sometime in August 1945 in Maryville, Tenn.

The unique fiddle caught the attention of Goodwill employees before it could make it to the store shelves.

"We recognized right away that it was something special and we now have it up for auction," Gary Raines, who is in charge of Goodwill's local e-commerce program, said. "We have no information on the owner. They just donated it and moved on. The certificate of authenticity and other paperwork are copies but we are confident that it's the real thing."

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Now country fans have a chance to own this historic instrument. Goodwill is auctioning off the fiddle with online bidding open to the public through Sunday, Jan. 7.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the fiddle has reached $6000 in bids. You can see the auction listing here via Goodwill.

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