Couple Who Survived Route 91 Shooting Get Free Dream Wedding

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Two survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting got their wedding wishes granted by literal fairy godmothers.

Jordanne Barr survived getting shot during the worst mass shooting in American history. A bullet hit her arm and went into her side before fiancee Jordan Adamczyk shielded her from further harm. A good Samaritan later drove Barr and Adamczyk to the hospital in a pickup truck.

"The five minutes where Jordan laid on top of me and I was on my side just looking at him, all I could think about is what my life would be like without him," Barr said in an interview with KBAK/CNN. "That was the hardest thing I have ever experienced."

The couple from Bakersfield, Calif. plans to get married on Oct. 5, a year and four days after the shooting's one-year anniversary. The local wedding planners at Fairy Godmother Foundation stepped up to cover all expenses, from the venue to the wedding dress. Founded in 2015, the foundation funds weddings for couples facing "life altering circumstances or a terminal illness."

Adamczyk sees the marriage as a tribute to lives lost by those simply trying to enjoy live music.

"We are so incredibly thankful, and I think we said before that we wanted to live for those that were not able to make it out of there," Adamczyk said.

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Couple Who Survived Route 91 Shooting Get Free Dream Wedding