Rotisserie Kits Are the Ultimate Add-on To Existing Grills

Have you heard of a rotisserie kit? This is one of several grill accessories you need for your BBQ grill this summer. A rotisserie kit allows for roasting meat right on your grill. The processes of roasting meat over heat is also known as spit-roasting. In this type of cooking, a rod is used to rotate meat over a fire until it is cooked. With a few square spit rods, a motor bracket, and a 4-prong end, you can put together beautiful meals with your current burner grill.

You can roast a whole chicken, roast, lamb, etc. The possibilities for what to cook on your roaster are endless. According to BBQ Guys," Kits can either be branded (made to fit a specific grill) or universal (made to fit most standard grills), each of which comes with its own benefits. There are several retailers where you can purchase your desired grill rotisserie kit, including Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe's. Depending on your grill, you may need a kit specific to pellet grills or gas grills. With brands like Napoleon, Broil King, Weber Spirit, Onlyfire, and more, it can be hard to choose the right brand for you. Fortunately, we've rounded up three brands of rotisserie kits that will take your grilling to the next level.

1. Universal Rotisserie Kit by Nexgrill

This kit includes a heavy duty electric motor that ensures even cooking. It also includes roasting meat forks and a rotisserie spit. It fits fireboxes up for 32 inches wide.

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2. Kamado Joe Joetisserie Classic

This kit includes a quiet, yet powerful rotisserie motor and an 18 inch  spit rod. This kit is meant to be used with kettle grills or charcoal grills.

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3. OneGrill Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit

This kit has a rust-resistant rotisserie spit rod. It even includes, "A fully adjustable stainless steel counter balance system for fine adjustments during use with unbalanced loads." The Onegrill comes with a one year "No Hassle Warranty."

By purchasing this grill on Amazon you are guaranteed free delivery.

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If you're looking for an electric rotisserie, we suggest WeberElectric for Genesis II 2 and 3 Burner Gas Grill or the WeberElectric for Spirit and Spirit II.  This cookware comes with a rotisserie fork for large or small cuts of meat.

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