15 Rosh Hashanah Recipes To Celebrate The Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah is one of my favorite holidays simply because of all the apples and honey. Literally meaning the "Head of the Year" Rosh Hashanah is the first of the Jewish High Holidays and marks the beginning of the civil year according to the teachings of Judaism. During many Jewish holidays, food is an important symbol of celebration and these 15 Rosh Hashanah Recipes are sure to make the evening festive.

Why Do We Dip Apples in Honey For the Jewish New Year?

Food is at the core of almost every Jewish holiday and culture. On Friday nights we eat challah, a sweet egg bread to commemorate the manna that fell from the heavens. During Passover, we use food like hard-boiled eggs and horseradish to symbolize different portions of the Passover story. And for Rosh Hashana, we dip apples in honey to symbolize a sweet new year.

The following recipes contain some of the symbolic foods usually served at the Rosh Hashanah table.

15 Rosh Hashanah Recipes to Enjoy with Family

Southwestern Matzo Ball Soup

Southwestern Matzoh Ball Soup

Lyndsay Burginger

This savory chicken soup is a take on the original Jewish penicillin. Flavorful matzoh dumplings are paired with southwestern flavors. Serve with a round challah!

Get the recipe here.

Honey Apple Challah

Enjoy your apples, honey, and challah all at the same time with this Holiday meal staple.

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Gefilte Fish

No Jewish meal is complete without this side dish! We love this homemade version much better than the jarred when it comes to this classic appetizer.

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Israeli Couscous Dried Fruit Salad

Dates, apricots, figs, and almonds make up the bulk of this Middle Eastern salad. Feel free to add in additional dried fruit such as cranberries or prunes.

Add cooked chicken to make this into an entree.

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Butternut Squash Kale Salad

If you want a side that can double as a main dish, this autumn salad is the answer. Crispy kale pairs with cooked squash to make a delicious and healthy salad.

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Apple Cake

It's not Rosh Hashanah without apple cake! Frosting-free and loaded with apples, this cake is (almost) healthy.

Serve this Rosh Hashanah dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Sweet Noodle Kugel

Flaky and moist, there's nothing like a noodle kugel to compliment your main course.

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Pomegranate Lacquered Roast Chicken

Caramelized vegetables like parsnips, fennel, and leeks go great with this pomegranate roast chicken. Make sure to sprinkle on some pomegranate seeds for crunch. Serve with red wine.

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Braised Brisket

Does this beef brisket rival your Grandmothers? You'll have to find out for yourself.

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One Sheet Pan Herb Crusted Salmon with Green Beans

One pan and you're done!

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Pistachio Pesto Brussels Sprouts

?As far as veggie sides go, this one takes the whole plate!

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Baked Sweet Potatoes with Tahini

Serve as a side or a vegan main, this gluten-free dish is to die for.

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Roasted Carrots Tzimmes

Sweet and fruity, these carrots are topped with a glaze of orange juice, raisins, and maple syrup.

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Maple Roasted Beets and Carrots

These beets are sweet with the addition of maple syrup.

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Honey Cake

Brown butter and ginger add a light note to these rich mini cakes.

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