These Rosé Strawberries Actually Taste Like a Glass of Wine

Grapes that taste like a carnival treat are so last year

Grapes that taste like a carnival treat are so last year. This summer, popular berry brand Driscoll's is sharing that there is more than one way to enjoy a refreshing glass of rosé wine. Introducing new Rosé Strawberries - fruit with a creamy texture and sweet, peachy flavor with a soft floral finish that tastes just like something you might find at happy hour.

Before we get any further, it should be noted these fresh strawberries don't contain any alcohol, just like how cotton candy grapes do not contain any cotton candy. According to a recent press release, "A team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists and entomologists research and develop proprietary varieties, including these new limited-edition offerings, through traditional breeding methods - no GMOs." And it seems like this strawberry is just the beginning. Driscoll's has also released Rosé Raspberries which is a combination of golden and red raspberries.

rose with strawberries

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Driscoll's has also released their line of Sweetest Batch berries, a collection of high-flavor strawberries and raspberries that offers a flavor profile you do not get from normal berries, making them perfect for summer treats for berry lovers. These are made by Driscoll's team of Joy Makers.

"With Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch, we've introduced a premium new product that offers a depth of flavor variety remarkably different than anything else in the category," says Naomi Sakoda, Driscoll's product marketing manager. "Our team has worked tirelessly to offer the flavor-forward, highly enjoyable berries consumers have come to expect from Driscoll's."

Where to Find Rosé Strawberries

The limited-edition berries are only available from June to September in select retailers across America. In Northern California look for the berries in Whole Foods Market. On the East Coast, shoppers can find Rosé Strawberries and Rosé Raspberries at Fresh Direct, and Sweetest Batch Strawberries at Fresh Direct and Wegmans. Sweetest Batch Raspberries are only available in Northern California grocery stores. Thankfully Fresh Direct delivers, making it super easy to order a whole bushel of berries. You can also check the Driscoll's website for more info on the limited time availability and participating locations.

Unfortunately, these berries aren't available year-round. Rosé strawberries are only in season from June to September, making them pretty hard to snag outside of those months. That makes this special berry variety a bit of a summer treat, but it's certainly worth the wait!

We can totally see using these Rosé Strawberries in a large pitcher of sangria to serve with brunch, or served on ice cream and enjoyed poolside.

This article was originally published on June 13, 2019.