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5 Rosé-Inspired Brews Because Summer Is All About Rosé Beer

With rosé forties, popsicles, jelly, and wine pouches all hitting the market, it's unquestionable that this pink wine trend has sparked a movement. And like everyone else, the brewing industry has taken notice. Trading in hoppy IPAs for a fruity rosé, brewers across the nation are getting in on the trend and we couldn't be happier. Rosé and beer all in one glass? Now that sounds like the ideal way to cool off on a hot day.

This summer, trade in your wine glass for a pint glass of rosé beer. Whether you're a rosé wine lover looking for a beer recommendation or a beer drinker wondering what all the fuss is about, you'll enjoy a hot day with one of these cold brews in hand. Forget last summer, this summer it's all about rosé beer.

1. Anderson Valley Framboise Rosé Gose

Location: Boonville, CA
ABV: 4.2%

Salty and sweet combined all in one glass? Yes please. Anderson Valley does some phenomenal goses. Briney Melon, Blood Orange, and event a G&T. So doing a rosé flavored gose only seems to make sense. And the framboise part? That's an added bonus. Infused with rose hips and a fresh raspberry puree, this beer is almost like dessert in a glass. Tangy with a hibiscus-like flavor, you get plenty of fruit to go with the saltiness of this sour beer.

2. Crooked Stave Sour Rosé

Location: Denver, CO
ABV: 4.5%

Good news, Crooked Stave has released Sour Rosé in cans so we can sip on it all summer long. After selling out immediately upon the first release, Crooked Stave has tripled production to meet summer demand. Refreshingly delicious, this wild fermented ale is aged upwards of 4 months in large oak foeders on second-use raspberries and blueberries. It's sour, it's fruity, and it's the drink of summer.

3. Firestone Walker Bretta Rosé

Location: Paso Robles, CA
ABV: 5.1%

Firestone does some exceptional bottle releases and the Bretta Rosé is no exception. The beer is fermented in French oak barrels and undergoes a second wild fermentation with a heaping of local raspberries. Big on the raspberry aroma and flavor, this beer has the right balance of tartness and a pink hue reminiscent of rosé to go along with it.

4. Brewery Bhavana Roselle

Location: Raleigh, NC
ABV: 13%

Brewery Bhavana may not have the large production and distribution like some of the heavy hitters on this list, but this small North Carolina brewery is certainly worth noting. A dim sum restaurant, flowershop, bookstore, and taproom all in one, to say this place is unique would be an understatement. Did we mention they were also voted Bon Appétit's best new restaurant in 2017?

The reason you may have never tried them is they just started packaging their previously draft-only products last year, including Roselle. This fruity rosé-inspired beer is made with cherries, raspberries, grapefruit zest, and hibiscus. Be forewarned, this is not a low-alcohol session beer so sip leisurely.

5. Bruery Terreux Goses Are Red

Location: Placentia, CA
ABV: 5.3%

When this California brewery releases something, you know it's going to be good. This wheat-based craft beer spends some time in oak foeders with grapes added to impart the sweet flavor profile we know and love of rosé. Mixing funky with the salty tartness of a gose, this complex beer is sure to delight on a warm summer day. Pour yourself a glass, grab a book, and lounge out in the shade with your beer hammock. It's summer, enjoy yourself.

Breweries aren't the only ones jumping in on the rosé train. Checkout the Angry Orchard Rosé hard cider. A dry cider tasting like a sparkling rosé? Don't mind if I do.

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