Rosanne Cash Faces Criticism After Calling for Gun Control Reform

Rosanne Cash responded to backlash after she shared her candid thoughts on gun violence and reform via social media.

On Oct. 4, days after another mass shooting took the lives of nine people at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, Cash shared a link on her Facebook page and urged fans to sign a petition created by her daughter, which supports a ban on certain types of firearms.

“If you are as sick of gun violence in this country as I am, then let’s stop talking about it and just do ONE simple thing,” she posted. “Sign the petition on the White House website to reinstate the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons. I’m proud to say that my daughter CHELSEA CROWELL created the petition on the new ‘We, The People’ feature. We need 100,000 signatures for it to be reviewed.”

The post earned hundreds of angry responses from fans who disagreed with her stance on the controversial issue. Hours later, she responded to her critics by explaining why she’s so passionate about the topic.

“Those who tell me to ‘stay out of politics and stick to music’ or, in other words, ‘keep your mouth shut’ are perhaps so obsessed with the Second Amendment that they haven’t noticed the First. My precious daughter, Chelsea, was held up at gunpoint in the jewelry store where she worked. The gunmen held her for twenty minutes. I’m so grateful she was not killed and I’m also so acutely aware that the difference between me and the moms carrying the photos on the march is a split second. Do NOT tell me that Chelsea ‘should have had a gun.’ If she had, she’d be dead. She is not physically or mentally able to coolly aim a gun at someone who is already pointing a gun at HER, and fire sharp-shooter style at another human being while terror-stricken. Nor am I. Nor are millions of other people.”

Of course, this sincere explanation was not good enough for those who think it’s acceptable to write off anyone who dares play country music while also having a non-conservative outlook on politics.

No matter what your political opinions are, Cash should be respected for fearlessly displaying hers, just like her father did.

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Rosanne Cash Faces Criticism After Calling for Gun Control Reform