Rory Feek Says He's Retired from Country Music

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According to a new interview with People Magazine, Rory Feek is officially retiring from country music. He says he simply cannot imagine performing without his late wife, Joey, by his side.

Over the past few months, many have been asking when Rory will be taking the stage again. However, he says he "has no plans to play or sing" in the future. He even made the decision to give his old guitar to his daughter, Indiana.

Originally, Rory made his living from the songs he wrote for stars like Blake Shelton. But, when he met and married his wife, he focused on performing and writing together. Now that his wife is no longer with him, Rory is content with staying off the stage for now.

Joey Feek passed away after a long battle with cancer in March. The couple documented her fight with the disease on their blog, This Life I Live. Her gravesite is at the family's farm, where she can be close to her daughter and loving husband.

Had she lived, Joey would have celebrated her 41st birthday last week. Rory hopes to keep her memory alive with his upcoming documentary tribute film, To Joey with Love.

The film features clips Rory captured of Joey between 2014 and 2016. In it, you can see everything from Joey rocking their baby to live performances and her heroic battle with cancer. Joey shared some of these clips on his blog, but has since put them together into a full-length film.

Still, Rory says his main focus in life is keeping his late wife's memory alive for their 2 ½ year old daughter. "We talk about Joey to Indy every day," Rory told People. He also plays videos of their performances for his daughter, so that she can see her mother every day.

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Rory Feek Says He's Retired from Country Music