Rory Feek to Release Book About His Life with Joey

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Rory Feek has announced the release of a brand new book that recounts the relationship with his late wife and musical partner, Joey.

In a post on This Life I Live, Rory revealed that the book will share the same name as his blog. This Life I Live: One Man’s Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed it Forever will retell the ups and downs of their courtship and marriage. The book will be released by Thomas Nelson, a Nashville-based imprint of Harper Collins.

“Mine is a story about going from being a nobody, to being somebody’s… Joey’s,” Rory writes. “And how she changed everything in my life, and how she’s still doing it, even now.”

Joey Feek died in March after a long and public battle with cervical cancer. Rory Feek penned the book deal just weeks before her death.

This Life I Live is still in the editing stages. However, Feek says that he plans on releasing the book on Valentine’s Day of next year.

Feek is currently preparing for the release of his new documentary, To Joey, with Love.
The film, due out in September, features video footage shot before, during and after Joey’s cancer battle.

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Rory Feek to Release Book About His Life with Joey