Watch Rory Feek Play Publicly for the First Time Since Joey's Death

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Rory Feek has openly talked about his struggle to play music since the passing of his wife and bandmate Joey. But in a surprise clip on CBS This Morning: Saturday, Rory offered the public his first public performance in more than a year.

The interview segment aired on Saturday, May 20. In it, Feek discussed the continuing challenges of life after Joey died of cervical cancer in March 2016. Her very public battle with cancer put the duo back in the forefront of country music. Which, as you can imagine, can't be easy for Rory now that she's gone.

But Rory revealed he's playing music privately again, and even brought out a guitar to share a bit of a new song. Called "I Like The Sound Of That," the emotional tune had Rory choking back tears at points. But very valiantly plays through, delivering a beautiful and poignant tribute to long-lasting love.

Rory Feek enjoyed a successful career as a songwriter in Nashville for awhile. Then, as one half of Joey + Rory, the singer found moderate success in the mainstream country world in the 2010s.

But when Joey received a terminal diagnosis not long after giving birth to their first child, the pair's musical journey took a different turn. They soon recorded more gospel music and songs close to the pair.

Last year, they released Hymns That Are Important To Us, a stoic project recorded whenever and wherever Joey felt up to it while still battling cancer. The album was a huge success, debuting at No. 1 on the country albums chart. The record is the pair's most successful by far, selling more than half a million copies to date.

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Then, in February 2017, they earned their first Grammy for the Best Roots Gospel Album. Rory pledged to keep Joey's legacy front and center, since releasing more previously unreleased music and offering heartfelt tributes to his late wife.

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Watch Rory Feek Play Publicly for the First Time Since Joey's Death