Rory Feek Opens up About Life After Joey and Keeping Her Memory Alive


It has been two months since Joey Feek passed away, and her husband Rory, is opening up in an interview with Billboard about raising their daughter, their album Hymns and keeping Joey’s memory alive.

Joey and Rory were married in 2002 and formed music duo Joey + Rory, singing a record deal in 2008. In 2014, they had their baby girl, Indiana, and in that same year, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Joey sadly passed away on March 4, 2016.

Another major event in 2014 was the duo’s album, Hymns, hitting No. 1 on the country and Christians charts. The album was actually recorded while Joey was going through chemotherapy treatments.

Rory comments on the bittersweetness of that, explaining, “Hearing how well the album did meant a lot to us, because Joey’s legacy and music could reach more people. Also financially it helped us to not have to worry, which has been a blessing.

He also shares that the music they made together has brought him a lot of peace since her passing. “Every morning about 5:30, Indiana and I get up, and quite often I play her the Hymns record. Sometimes we’ll listen and it’ll make us smile.” He continues, “I watch through our videos a lot. Being able to watch the videos, she’s still alive. Hearing the music, she’s still alive.

Rory notes that he is not writing anything currently and hasn’t in over two years, understandably. He is, however, producing Bradley Walker’s new record. Walker performed at Joey’s funeral service, per her request, and sang Joey & Rory’s song, “Leave it There.”

Through it all, Rory says that his faith has not wavered. “I don’t understand everything. I don’t understand all of the Bible, nor did my wife — but I understand what faith is, and what faith requires,” he explains. “Faith requires faith, and that never really stops. She had a very strong faith, and that never wavered.”

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Rory Feek Opens up About Life After Joey and Keeping Her Memory Alive