Rory Feek

Rory Feek Announces New Book 'Once Upon a Farm'

You might find yourself reaching for a tissue after watching the trailer for Rory Feek's new book, "Once Upon A Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life and Hope on a New Frontier." Rory is best known in the country music world for his work as a singer-songwriter in the husband and wife duo Joey + Rory. Tragically, Joey passed away from cancer at only 40 years old in 2016.

Rory's new book "Once Upon A Farm" pulls readers into Rory and his daughter Indiana's life after Joey's death. While Rory's documentary To Joey, With Love and memoir focused on the time leading up to Joey's passing, the new book will explore the question of how life goes on after such a heartbreaking event. While reflecting on stories of Joey and keeping her memory alive, Rory must also push forward while caring for his daughter with special needs.

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Rory and Indiana may live on a beautiful, sprawling farm south of Nashville, but Rory admits that actual act of farming isn't his strong suit. Instead, he focuses on "lifesteading," creating a warm environment for his family and faith to flourish. Pick up "Once Upon A Farm" after its release on June 19th to see how.

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