Rory Feek Discusses the Ups and Downs of Joey’s Days in Hospice Care

Country music fans have been gathering in support of Joey + Rory‘s Joey Feek as she deals with terminal cervical cancer. Now, Rory Feek is discussing how he and his wife are dealing with the difficult and ever-changing reality of her illness.

In a new post on his blog This Life I Live, Rory says that he is “fiercely protective” of his wife. “With all she’s going through, I only want her to be seen in a good light,” he explains. “Like any woman, my wife is self-conscious about what cancer has done to her. Who she sees in the mirror these days looks like someone else… not the woman that she feels like she is inside. And it hurts her deeply.”

He then discussed how he had recently sat down with his wife and showed her some of the footage and pictures he had taken of her in the past few weeks. During an emotional conversation, he explained how many were following her story.

“This is our life. It’s what He has given us to live. And share,” Rory Feek says. “Sharing what we’re going through with others is really all we have to give.”

Rory went on to talk about the public’s assumptions of Joey’s condition, and how much her health and outlook fluctuates each day.

“The word ‘hospice’ makes us all think the worst. The end. Or at least, the end is very close,” Rory wrote. He then explained how his mother, who died of cancer last year, passed away after spending four months in hospice care. “God chooses the appointed time. Not us. Not hospice.”

You can read more about Joey Feek and her ongoing battle at This Life I Live.

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Rory Feek Discusses the Ups and Downs of Joey’s Days in Hospice Care