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Rory Feek Candidly Discusses Life Without Joey in New Interview

Rory Feek is still coming to terms with the tragic loss of his wife, Joey. The Joey + Rory singer has mostly kept away from the spotlight since Joey’s passing from cervical cancer in March. In a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Feek revealed how he’s continuing to cope with her death.

“I don’t know if I expected it to be as heavy as it is, because we had so much time to prepare for it, but I think it’s that heavy when she’s that wonderful,” Rory Feek explained to CBS host Anthony Mason. “It’s been, I don’t know, how long? Five months? And I’m still not quite ready. That’s the biggest thing I struggle with. I still walk around thinking, ‘She’s really not here? She’s really not coming back?’”

That sense of disbelief has also led Feek to keep a simple wooden cross as his wife’s grave marker.

“I just can’t bring myself, for some reason, to go and order a stone yet,” he explains. “I don’t know why, I just can’t. I don’t know if it’s that she’s so simple a wooden cross is part of what she would like. It probably has something to do with permanence.”

Since Joey’s passing, Rory says he has not written any new music and doesn’t plan to perform publicly without her. “I don’t want to be onstage without her,” he explains.“It wasn’t something that I loved that much, to be onstage performing. She loved to be onstage performing, and I loved to stand next to her. I just had the best seat in the house, to watch the world discover my wife.”

Feek has found comfort in creating a documentary that showcases the life and love he shared with his wife. To Joey, With Love will debut in theaters for one night only on Sept. 20 – what would have been the couple’s 14th anniversary. The film will be shown in select cities, which include Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles, with an encore viewing set for Oct. 6.

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