Rooted in Country: Steve Moakler on Kenny Chesney’s ‘There Goes My Life’

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Singer-songwriter Steve Moakler has been crafting stellar songs in Nashville for years. In 2015, he earned a new level of acclaim when Dierks Bentley recorded his stirring track “Riser,” which Moakler penned alongside Travis Meadows. The single’s success put a new spotlight on Moakler’s talents as both a songwriter and solo artist.

When he isn’t writing for others, the Pennsylvania native is hard at work creating songs that reach across an array of genres. Moakler’s latest release, “Suitcase,” was penned by Luke Laird, Barry Dean and Thomas Rhett, and culminates as a stellar combination of pop-tinged production with authentic and heartfelt lyrics.

When we asked the rising country star to talk about a country song that made an impact on him as both and artist and country fan, he referenced one of Kenny Chesney‘s most honest and somewhat controversial tracks.

“One of the first times I remember being totally rocked by a country hook was when one of my high school girlfriends played a Kenny Chesney CD with “There Goes My Life” on it,” Moakler told Wide Open Country. “It’s a sentimental, emotional song, but the way that I could see the whole story and the way the hook hit me every time as it evolved just hung the moon for me. That is a masterpiece.”

Released as a single in 2004, “There Goes My Life” tackles the taboo subject of teen pregnancy and the harsh reality check that many unprepared parents face. The overwhelming feeling of sadness and loss at any future outside of parenthood is expertly vocalized by songwriters Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley. Although they both have their own unique styles and sounds, the ability to write real and honest stories that create personal connections is one that closely links Moakler and Chesney artistically.

Steve Moakler’s new self-titled EP is set for release on March 11. Stay tuned to Wide Open Country for an exclusive interview with Moakler on his new project and what he has in store for the rest of 2016.

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Rooted in Country: Steve Moakler on Kenny Chesney’s ‘There Goes My Life’