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Rooted in Country: Joey Hendricks on Johnny Cash's 'Folson Prison Blues'


Rising country singer-songwriter Joey Hendricks was raised in Washington, where he was more likely to hear grunge staples such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam than country classics. Instead, Hendricks, who recently released the EP Between the Cloudsfell in love with the country storytelling of songs by legends such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

"I didn't get into country music until later in life, around my high school years. I remember hearing 'Folsom Prison Blues' by Johnny Cash and 'Always On My Mind' by Willie Nelson, and thinking man, these guys are cool. I was bit by the country music bug. From that point on, I became obsessed with the storytelling aspect of those songs and inspired by country music as a whole."

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After graduating and relocating to Arizona, where he honed his skills performing at a local bar, Hendricks made the move to Music City. After landing a publishing deal as a songwriter with Parallel Entertainment, Hendricks decided to step behind the mic to perform his own songs.

"From that moment on, the whole thing kind of shifted," Hendricks says in a press release. "I realized how fortunate I am, because I wasn't seeking it out. It really just happened organically."

Between the Clouds features Hendricks' debut single "Yours or Mine" and the recently released "Hollywood."


For more information on Joey Hendricks, visit his official website.

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