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Rooted in Country: Jason Eady on Robert Earl Keen's 'Feeling Good Again'


Country singer-songwriter Jason Eady was born and raised in Mississippi, but, like many artists, he credits the independent spirit of Texas with shaping his outlook on a career in music.

Eady, who'll release his new album To the Passage of Time on August 27, says it was one Texas-based songwriter in particular who represented the way he wanted to tell his own story through songwriting.

"I moved to Texas in 2002 and immediately discovered the music that was being made here, and of course that all centers around Robert Earl Keen," Eady tells Wide Open Country. "It completely changed the way that I thought about how music and careers can be done. I loved the independent sprit of it all and the fact that it didn't have to line up with any genre. It was all about what the artist was feeling at the time. And when I heard 'Feeling Good Again,' specifically, I listened to it on repeat trying to figure out how he was able to paint such a vivid picture with that song using a melody that takes over your head, and all without having a chorus. That song breaks a lot of 'rules' and still sounds completely natural. The feeling that he talks about in the song, of coming back around after going through a bad place, is a pretty universal feeling for most people, I think. Every time I find myself in that place in life, that song always comes into my head. That's how in touch with real life that song is. "


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Eady's To the Passage of Time, the follow-up to 2018's I Travel On, was largely written over the course of a three-day period last year during quarantine.

"I went in thinking I was going to write just one song--but then the songs kept coming, and I didn't want to break the spell," Eady says in a press release. "I'd go to sleep with the guitar by the bed, pick it back up when I woke up the next morning, and do it all again. I'd never really experienced anything like that before."

The album was recorded at The Finishing School in Austin, Texas and produced by Band of Heathens' Gordy Quist.


Eady has already previewed the album with lead single "Back to Normal," the stunning "French Summer Sun" and musician's lament "Saturday Night."

Eady recently launched The Jason Eady Music Club, a new subscription platform where fans can preorder the new album and receive access to monthly new tracks from Eady.

To subscribe to the club, visit here.


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