Rooted in Country: High Valley on Joe Diffie's 'John Deere Green'

Robby Klein

It's hard to believe that 90s country songs are old enough to be classified as classics. But many of that decade's chart-topping tracks have inspired a new generation of artists in the genre, including rising country duo High Valley.

The Canadian brothers have been performing country music for nearly their entire lives. Brad and Curtis Rempel have a sound that's a refreshing mixture of bluegrass and modern country. Their breakthrough single, "Make You Mine," is driven by plucky banjo and sweet, tender lyrics.

After moving from Canada to Nashville, the brothers found themselves trying to mold their sound into what would fit on country radio. Instead of following the trends, they soon opted to focus on the sounds and influences that originally inspired them. The result was their 2016 release Dear Life, which is full of infectious melodies and hooky choruses.

At the end of a landmark year for the duo, we asked member Curtis Rempel to share one of his all-time favorite country songs. Joe Diffie's 1993 smash-hit "John Deere Green" stands out as one of those songs that he just can't live without.

"I love the story of the song and how easy it is to visualize everything the song describes," Rempel explains. "And the twang in Diffie's voice just makes me smile."

"John Deere Green" is one of those quintessential 90s country songs that nearly everyone knows the words to. Diffie's hit and High Valley's "Make You Mine" have an innocence and purity that instantly connects with listeners. There's no dancing on tailgates or sexy hookups here, just a story about two people who found true love. And what's more country than that?

High Valley's fifth album and major label debut, Dear Life, is available online and in stores now.

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Rooted in Country: High Valley on Joe Diffie's 'John Deere Green'