Rooted in Country: Michaela Anne on Hank Williams' 'Your Cheatin' Heart'

Angelina Castillo

Rising artist Michaela Anne has been releasing powerful and personal songs for years. Earlier this year, she dove head first into Nashville's alt-country scene with her latest record, Bright Lights and the Fame.

Anne draws her inspirations from both modern female artists like Shania Twain and legends like Hank Williams. She credits Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" as being a country track that has continued to have a huge impact on her songwriting.

"It's one of my favorites because it was one of the first traditional country songs that I covered with a live band and really tried to make my own."

Outside of that personal connection, Anne says that the track shines as one of the genre's most recognizable and influential offerings ever.

"To me, it epitomizes that kind of high-lonesome heartache that is quintessential classic country. That's one of the biggest reasons why I love country music - I love the heartache."


Heartache is one of the many themes found on Anne's latest record, which features more traditional country elements than any of her previous releases. Rolling guitars, sharp percussion and honky-tonkin' lyrics result in an inspired and fun collection of songs.


Michaela Anne's latest album, Bright Lights and the Fame, is available now. Check out our recent interview with Anne, where she discusses her music, the Nashville alt-country scene and what's next.

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Rooted in Country: Michaela Anne on Hank Williams' 'Your Cheatin' Heart'