David Nail on the Glen Campbell Song That Shaped His Sound

David Nail has been putting his own modern touch on traditional country since he released his debut single “Memphis” in 2002. Since then, he’s released three successful studio albums and earned two number one hits with “Let It Rain” and “Whatever She’s Got.”

Throughout his career, Nail has never been afraid to experiment with his sound. Subtle influences from rock and pop are heard in tracks like “Kiss You Tonight,” but he never steers too far away from his country roots. When we asked Nail to name one of his biggest musical influences, he fittingly noted one of Glen Campbell‘s most popular crossover hits.

“Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In LA) was a song that I heard at the perfect time,” Nail says. “It was absolute every emotion I was feeling at the time. I had already fell in love with Glen Campbell, and this was a result of completely immersing myself in his music.”

Campbell found success with his own mixture of smooth pop melodies that told stories of country living in the 1970s. The country legend’s impact on Nail is apparent, as he consistently molds an edgy and pop-inspired take onto today’s predictable mainstream country sound with each new release.

Click below to watch a vintage live performance of Glen Campbell’s “Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In LA).

Nail is currently on the road supporting Darius Rucker‘s 2015 Southern Style Tour. His fourth studio album, Fighter, is expected to be released in early 2016.

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David Nail on the Glen Campbell Song That Shaped His Sound