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Meet Marty Robbins’ Musically Talented Children

Marty Robbins seemingly had it all, from one of the best voices in country music history and multiple signature songs for Columbia Records to a successful side gig as a race car driver and, of course, a mustache to die for.

The Country Music Hall of Fame member also had two kids with their own musical talents and ambitions that've unfolded since their Dad died on Dec. 8, 1982 from a heart attack. One followed in their country legend father's footsteps, while the other's more of a free spirit.

Ronny Robbins

You might've seen Ronny (born July 16, 1949), sometimes billed as Marty Robbins Jr., on Country's Family Reunion and other series that bring old-time country singers and their kinfolks together to share stories and sing some of the best songs to ever come out of Nashville.

As the above tribute performance of "Don't Worry 'Bout Me" might lead you to believe, Marty Robbins' son sings his singer-songwriter dad's timeless classics. Like fellow second generation singers Michael Twitty, Dion Pride, Ben Haggard and even young Hank Williams Jr., Ronny makes sure his dad's songs still get heard on stages far and wide.

Another online goodie shows Ronny Robbins sing "El Paso" on an episode of country music mainstay Larry's Country Diner. Released in 1959, "El Paso" ruled Billboard's country and pop charts and earned the elder Robbins a Grammy award.

Other TV show appearances by Ronny can be found on the Country Road TV YouTube channel.

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Janet Robbins

Marty's only daughter Janet was born in January of 1959. By the early '90s, she went against her dad's advice about avoiding the music business and chased her dream as an independent rock artist.

Per her bio, Janet was "captivated by the music of the tumultuous sixties and the British prog scene of the early seventies." With those influences in mind, she "developed her sensibility to weave the textures of her classical music training with the turmoil, art, and theatre of that era."

Her musical output includes the 1998 album All the Worlds and the three-album cycle
Carrying the Bag of Hearts Interpreting the Birth of Stars. As you might assume, the songs on these albums sound nothing like "Big Iron" or Dad's other groundbreaking country songs.

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