Ronnie Dunn + Janine Dunn: Inside Their 30-Year Love Story


Ronnie Gene Dunn has been a successful country artist since the '80s. Successful is honestly putting it mildly. The country music legend is half of the powerhouse duo Brooks & Dunn with Kix Brooks. He's also had his own successful solo career. In 1990, the same year Brooks & Dunn was formed, Dunn and his wife Janine were married. While you could consider Brooks his musical soul mate, Janine is definitely Dunn's life partner. 

Janine Dunn has been along for the ride throughout her husband's successful rise to the top of the country music scene. When she first met this aspiring musician decades ago, she most likely had no idea about the interesting life that was to come after his first recording session in Nashville. She was supportive behind the scenes when her husband and Brooks landed 20 No. 1 hits on the charts and when they won the Country Music Association Vocal Duo of the Year award numerous times. She is regularly by her husband's side during his red carpet appearances. 

The couple has three children including daughter Whitney, son Jesse and their youngest daughter Haley. They currently have two grandchildren, Huxton and Ryder. While there isn't much personal information known about Ronnie Dunn's wife, we know that the couple happily enjoys the slower life these days on their 600-acre farm outside of Nashville. Known as "The Barn," it has become the perfect place for the Dunn's to enjoy some family time and to take it easy after the years Dunn has been on the road with his music career. 

"We fish, we watch baby eagles fly, we have big family meals," Dunn told Country Living. "It's everything I wanted for this place--and way better than a tractor shed. There is a quietness and peace here that I can't find anywhere else."

While Ronnie Dunn will always be remembered for being a member of Brooks and Dunn, we can all be in awe that he is part of another amazing duo with his wife Janine. They have a true love story that has not only stood the test of time but the ups and downs that come with fame.

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Ronnie Dunn + Janine Dunn: Inside Their 30-Year Love Story