Hear Ron Pope and the Nighthawks' Energetic 'Southern Cross'

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Singer-songwriter Ron Pope has been crafting his own version of rock-inspired Americana for years. His latest project, Ron Pope and the Nighthawks, features an elevated version of his experimental trademark sound that encompasses the best elements of southern rock and story-based country music.

The recent release of the band's first self-titled album has garnered praise from listeners of all genres. Pope's focus on storytelling is the key element that keeps you hooked through every line. His ability to switch from to an upbeat, electric-guitar driven foot-stomper to a reflective acoustic ballad comes only from years of experience and cultivated talent.

One of the album's stand-out tracks is "Southern Cross," an anthemic tale that reflects on a deeply-rooted love. It's hooky chorus and driving beat supported by guitar and percussion is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Overall, it's hard to define Pope's sound as anything other than a well-blended mixture of many different genres, which results in a sound that is truly hypnotizing. If you're a country fan who doesn't mind journeying out to the edges of the genre, make sure you give Ron Pope and the Nighthawks a listen as soon as possible.

Click below to hear Ron Pope and the Nighthawks' high-spirited track, "Southern Cross".

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Hear Ron Pope and the Nighthawks' Energetic 'Southern Cross'