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Police Officer Steals the Show in Hilarious Rodeo Dance Off

At the 2015 Fiesta Days Rodeo in Spanish Fork, Utah, rodeo clown JJ Harrison decided it would be entertaining to host a dance-off in the middle of the arena. The witty rodeo clown pulled a local police officer from the audience and had a little fun with him. But what Harrison didn't know was that the officer would totally steal the show.

The cop, Officer Adams, went head-to-head in a dance competition with the rodeo queen. Turns out the guy has some serious moves. The crowd went wild for the officer's hilarious hip-shaking abilities.

What was equally entertaining was Harrison's brutal honesty in judging the competitors dance moves. Officer Adams was the clear winner. "You're sparkly but your moves are horrible," he said to the rodeo queen.

Pulling someone from the crowd can be risky, because you never know what their personality will be like. Some people get nervous in front of a huge crowd, after all. This dance-off, however, was a hilarious success.

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While rodeo clown skits are all for fun, Harrison also shared a serious message. First responders always deserve our utmost respect and appreciation, no matter whether they are good dancers or not.

This post was originally published on March 29, 2017, but we love it so much, we're bringing it back!

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