Rodeo Cowboy Rides His Horse into Texas Taco Bell

Instagram/Lathan Crump

What happens when a cowboy is hungry after a rodeo? He takes his horse on a Taco Bell run, of course.

That's the situation Lathan Crump found himself in after he finished up the Commerce Rodeo in Commerce, Texas, on Saturday. After all the hard work he put in, his stomach was growling and he took off on his American Quarter Horse for a Taco Bell run.

His plan was to take the horse through the drive-thru, but it wasn't open. So, he did what every good cowboy would do and took the horse inside with him. What's even more amazing is that he never got off his horse and chose to ride him inside instead of leading him.

Some of the patrons caught the exchange on camera and you can watch it here.

Naturally, this is probably not something you would want to try on your own. The horse could become spooked inside and become injured. But, this instance wound up going great and the cowboy was able to get his taco.

Both the patrons and the cowboy found the situation pretty funny. Taco Bell tells Fox News that they don't plan on making a fuss about the situation unless someone complains. But, more than likely, this cowboy and his beautiful horse will be able to ride off into the sunset. I'm sure Taco Bell will invite them back to enjoy another taco a different day.

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Rodeo Cowboy Rides His Horse into Texas Taco Bell